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helicopter simulatie

09 Mei 2017, 08:19

De Phoenix 5.5 lijkt uitverkocht, Ik belde met rc helipart en deze melde dat de importeur fialliet is en de firma die het overnam niet reageert.

Ik zag realflight drone editie, maar deze heeft geen helicopter modellen, alleen (zoals de naam al zegt) drones.

Is er een alternatief?
Welke gebruik jij om te trainen?

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Re: helicopter simulatie

30 Okt 2018, 07:40

Is there any helicopter simulation programs in London UK actually I am a programmer of Dissertation Editing Help - Dissertationhouse.co.uk and I have made deigns of fields/helicopters using my programming language.

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Re: helicopter simulatie

03 Nov 2018, 08:06

Phoenix 5.5 it is the very good drone as compare to others and it's flight and shots also but i don't how much about Phoenix 5.5 just read about that drone in Assignment Writing Services uk | Assignmentmaster i know about other drones like DJI Mavic pro and other drones who use lots of people.

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Re: helicopter simulatie

06 Nov 2018, 12:18

You did not specify that it was for a home computer, so the answer would be one of the simulators used to train airforce and airline pilots.

These have a full motion to simulate G-forces as realistically as possible, and either many monitors or one large wrap round screen. Cost is several million dollars for the top ones.

Thank You
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Re: helicopter simulatie

15 Feb 2022, 08:40

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