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23 Jan 2018, 16:13

INTRODUCING DJI Mavic Air: https://goo.gl/nsJ2rJ

Prices: $ 799 (Single), $ 999 (Combo)

The brand new DJI Mavic Air features a new folding design and a fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal camera. The Mavic Air is available in three color options (white, red and black) with a base price of $ 999 including controller. The maximum flight speed of 42,5 mph (68,4 kph) makes the DJI Mavic Air very fast in every situation. Of course there is a forward, downward and backward Vision System. The DJI Mavic Air 720p real-time video transmission from up to 2.5 miles (4 km) away. The remote controller of the DJI Mavic Air is just like the one we’ve seen in the DJI Spark, but the Control Sticks are detachable. The battery will allow you to fly for a maximum amount of 21 minutes with no wind at a consistent 15.5 mph (25 kph). The camera itself is a 12MP shooter for still photos and a 4K UHD for video (3840 x 2160 30p). The max. video storage bitrate is 100 Mbps. Compatible with DJI Goggles of course!

THIS AIRCRAFT IS VERY IMPRESSIVE! For those you waiting for a smaller, more affordable drone from DJI with better camera quality, the wait is over: the DJI Mavic Air is an easy-to-fly mini drone that features all of DJI's signature technologies including foldable arms and a 4K camera. What do you think? Here’s a quick list of the enhancements and key features:

Key Features:

    Weight: 430 g
    Dimensions: 143.9×78.3×61.2 mm (folded)
    Folding design / foldable arms & three colours
    Forward, Downward and Backward Vision Systems
    3-axis gimbal
    Max. Speed: 42.5 mph (68.4 kph) in Sport Mode
    Flight Time: 21 minutes
    Transmission Range: 2.49 mi (4 km)
    Detachable Control Sticks
    CMOS, 12MP, 4K Ultra HD (30fps)
    max. Video Bitrate: 100 Mbps!
    JPEG, DNG!

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29 Mei 2018, 10:05

I think the time has come for me to buy a drone! Mavic Air meets all my needs!

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