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Import from another PC

02 Mei 2018, 13:26


I have 2 PC's at differnet locations which I want to use at different times to develop the same solution. Ok so what I did was, I export the solution from 1 PC and tried to import onto the second PC but it said the solution existed. So I went into devloper and then deleted the solution from the second PC and then tried to import when I got this error

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Re: Import from another PC

06 Jun 2018, 08:17

I have roughly 300 songs on iTunes on my other computer, and I'd like to put them on to this one it has only about 20. I tried saving them to a USB device and saving them in my iTunes library here but as soon as I take it out the file can't be found. Can I put them all on discs and import them that way, or is there a specific file path plus a step for using the USB. Custom Essay Writing Services UK

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