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How to detect and replace an insurance resistor?

10 Aug 2018, 07:37

( 1 ) Use the multimeter RX1 ~ RX 100 to measure the measurement, which is the same as the ordinary resistance. If the resistance is beyond the range, the insurance resistance is damaged. (2) repair replacement. When replacing the safety resistor, it should be suspended above 10mm for installation and placement. If there is no original model replacement after the damage of the insurance resistor, the following method can be used for emergency replacement according to the situation.1 use https://www.allicdata.com and fuse in series to replace. Replace a resistor with a fuse ( current value ) in series, and the specifications of the resistance can refer to the specifications of the insurance resistance. The current can be calculated by formula 1 = JP / R, for example, the original insurance resistance is 510 / 2W, and the resistance is also available in 510 / 2W, the rated current of the fuse is 0.2 A.. 2. Replace with fuse. Some of the smaller resistance of the insurance resistance damage, can be directly used fuse. The current capacity of the fuse can be calculated by the original insurance resistance. Same as above. 3 use resistance to replace. It can be directly replaced by ordinary resistance with same power and resistance. Use resistance and insurance resistance in series to replace. When there is no suitable resistance value, the ordinary resistance and a small resistance insurance resistor are connected in series to replace the resistance value. 5 use the original model to replace the insurance resistance.

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