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What is exclusion?

10 Aug 2018, 07:34

What is exclusion? The exclusion is made by encapsulating a plurality of https://www.allicdata.com together. The exclusion usually has a common end, which is represented by a small white dot on the surface of the package. The color of exclusion is usually black or yellow. The advantages of convenient assembly, high installation density and so on, have been widely used in TV, display, computer motherboard, small household appliances. The exclusion can be divided into SIP exclusion and SMD exclusion. SIP exclusion is the traditional in-line rejection, which is divided into A, B, C, D, E, F.G.H and I types according to the different design of the line. The SMD exclusion installation is small, and now it has replaced the SIP exclusion in most cases. The commonly used SMD resistors are 8P4R ( 8-pin 4 resistor ) and 10P8R ( 10 pin 8 resistors ) in two specifications. Figure 1-15 shows the schematic symbol of the SMD exclusion circuit. It should be noted that there are two resistance resistors in the resistance, which will be marked on the surface of these two resistors, such as 2202 / 3302, therefore, the SIP exclusion in the application is directional, and be careful when using. Usually SMD exclusion is not polar, but some types of SMD exclusion due to internal circuit connection is different, in the application or need to pay attention to the polarity. Such as the 10P8R type SMD exclusion 1, 5, 6, 1 pin internal connection is different, there are L and shape of the points. The L-shaped 1, 6 feet are interlinked, when using SMD exclusion, it is best to confirm that the exclusion surface is marked with 1 foot.

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