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TBS Vendetta 2 - Can't update to Betaflight

10 Mei 2018, 07:31


I am really beating my head against a wall on this one. I have tried to update the Colibri Race firmware to Betaflight on TBS Agent, but I can't get TBS Agent to recognize the Colibri. It just says, "Waiting for Colibri Race". I have tried every driver fix I can think of including the ImpulseRC driver fixer, which said it was successful. What is odd is that I show up in DFU mode just fine in Cleanflight. I can flash to the newest firmware no problem. But as soon as I try to use TBS Agent to update to Betaflight it doesn't recognize it. I am not really sure what else to try and the Chinese email support from TBS was useless. Any ideas?

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