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Building a FPV quad - rx question

15 Mei 2018, 14:04


Absolute total n00b here trying to learn the ropes.
On the advice of many I bought a Q X7 RC - nice radio and plays well with Windows 10 for Liftoff and other sims.
The question of which receiver to use in my FPV build is sure causing me some angst - mostly because I don't even know enough to be dangerous.
So I figure I need about 6-8 channels - 4 for standard functions, 1 for arming, 1 for failsafe, 1 for buzzer, 1 for mode change (leveling/acro)
I'd also like to have battery telemetry but the whole subject of telemetry is seemingly shrouded in secrecy Near as I can cipher it means the RX can talk back to the RC - but about what?
It appears the FrSky X4RSB has 3 "normal" channels but 16 sBus? What does that mean exactly?
I found it in a search for RX that can monitor the LiPO voltage - is there another way or a better RX?

Any help will be apprecited.

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http://openrcforums.com/forum/viewtopic ... 95&t=10978
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Thank you.

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