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What aircraft are good for ASF and how do I use them?

15 Mei 2018, 14:01


I've been testing different decks and so far been quite successful with the East German MiG-29 as it comes with reasonably idiot proof F&F missiles that can shoot down most aircraft without me being required to keep the aircraft pointed towards the enemy. This has been working reasonably well until ended up face-to-face with a Eurofighter.
I figured that given the superior speed and high real life turn-radius for the Eurofighter my guesstimate was that there would be no point in trying to engage it in a turning battle. Our weapons are equivalent but the Eurofighter got more of them and is also a faster aircraft so my guesstimate was that the best would be if we both lost our aircraft in a head on fight. The net result was however a dead MiG-29 and a very much alive Eurofighter along with people politely* pointing out that it was a bad move on my behalf. There is a small ECM difference (40 vs 50 %) between the aircraft but otherwise it should be a roughly equivalent fight given the missiles available and rapidly diminishing closing distance.
So apparently ASF superiority is hard to estimate from the public stats and I would appreciate advice on.
1) Which ASF units are the best.
2) How do you best try to save your ASF when facing a better one?

Any help will be apprecited.

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